Nuevo Tango Monday July 29th 7 – 8:30 PM

By Ian Glomski on July 03 2019

On Monday July 29,  we’ll be heating up the dance floor with Nuevo Tango. The beloved dancer and teacher of Charlottesville, Edwin Roa and his talented counterpart, Carolyn Nuscher from the Dance Spot will be leading the way.
7-8:30pm, tickets are $20/person and includes a craft cocktail.
Tango focuses on connections between dancers, while developing awareness of music structure. This style of dance offers a practical way to develop our improvisational skills, and it help us better understand the game of social dance. During this class students will learn the principals of Argentine Tango (“Nuevo” style), basic elements of this dance, patterns and amalgamations, plus they will be introduce to the culture of tango. Class is open to everyone, no experience necessary. Partners are encouraged but not required.
Edwin O. Roa is a professional dancer who has dedicated his career to the study of partner dance. A native of Bogota, Colombia, Edwin has studied and trained all over the world in a variety of disciplines. He is fascinated by the connectivity and improvisational aspect of partner dance and continues to explore the many different avenues of dance . His interest in music, cultures, and the perspectives of partner dance have encouraged him to develop a method of teaching social partner dance that he now calls ZABOR.  He is the artistic director and founder of his studio, The Dance Spot and his professional dance company, Zabor Dance.  He is a founding member and director of The Charlottesville Salsa Club, offering the community all-inclusive social dance parties for the past 19 years.
Carolyn Nuscher began training at the age of 5 with Louis Nunnery at his school of Classical Ballet. She attended the University of North Carolina-Greensboro studying ethnic, lyrical, ballet, dance history, and choreography with a focus on contemporary styles.  Now based in Charlottesville, VA, she explores the art of partner dance under the direction of Edwin Roa, performing and competing with The Zabor Dance Project. Carolyn teaches social, ballroom, and competitive styles at The Dance Spot and The Charlottesville Salsa Club.