(Frequently Asked Questions)




  • When is your Tasting Room open?

    • The Henry Ave Tasting Room is open on Saturdays noon to 7 PM. This is the day for tours of the distillery.
    • Downtown Tasting Room at 101 East Water St. is closed Monday & Tuesday, and open Wed & Thurs 2p to 9p, Friday 2p to 10p, Saturday 12p to 10p, Sunday 2p to 7p.
  • Where can I buy your bottles?

  • Do you ship?

    • Yes, but we suggest you order from one of our online retailers. See your choices for shipping on our National Shipping page. Shipping is available in Virginia using Tipxy.com. Combined Spirit Hub and Tipxy will deliver to 48 states. Just check which one is best for you.
  • I don’t live in Virginia, can I have your product shipped to me?

  • Do you serve any food?

    • No, unfortunately Virginia law prevents distilleries from making food. We carry a few high quality small snacks, but we highly encourage you to bring in food from neighboring restaurants. Our Downtown Tasting Room carries a number of menus from local restaurants that will deliver their good to your table in our tasting room. Our Distillery Tasting Room has a great restaurant next called Birdhouse that serves dinner.
  • Are your spirits gluten free?

    • Yes, we do not use grains of any sort in the production of our spirits… with one exception, our Barreled Champion Collab that is made from beer. The proper distillation of spirits should remove all gluten, but in facilities that mill grains (which Vitae does NOT), it is difficult to guarantee none of the grain dust enters the production stream.
  • How do I take a tour?

    • We offer tours at the distillery at 715 Henry Ave on most Saturdays. Please visit our Visit Us page and sign up on the online calendar.
  • Can we have a private event in the tasting room?

    • Yes. We are happy to host events for businesses, weddings, reunions, and other social gatherings. Please visit our Private Events page or contact us for more information info@vitaespirits.com . We have paired up with local caterers that are happy to supply food and beverages.