HAND SANITIZER POLICY at Vitae Spirits during Covid-19 pandemic

By Ian Glomski on March 24 2020

REMEMBER: Hand sanitizer is a backup measure for washing hands thoroughly with soap and water and should be reserved for times when one does not have access to soap and water. Please consider carrying a bar of soap and a water bottle with you instead of relying on hand sanitizer.

There are a few options for you to purchase sanitizer:

  1. SUPPLY YOUR OWN CONTAINER- You can purchase sanitizer by the gallon or by the ounce on our online shop in our Merchandise section.
  2. PURCHASE BULK IN 5 GALLON UNITS at $35/gallon + the cost of the pail and lid: Payment due upon delivery credit/debit cards only. This sanitizer is made to order, so please send an email to info@vitaespirits.com with the following information:

A) The name of the organization making the request

B) The point of contact

C) How many 5 gallon pails of sanitizer you would like to purchase


Stay Healthy,

The Vitae Spirits Crew