Distiller’s Reserve Barreled Champion Collab #1

Champion Brewery Collab #1 is a member of our Distiller’s Reserve series. Spirits in this series are one-time releases that will be available for purchase in only a limited number of locations. Bottle sales will primarily take place on-site at the Vitae Spirits Distillery tasting room. Once we sell the last bottle, that’s the end of the product. So if you like a Distiller’s Reserve spirit, stock up while you can.

At Vitae Spirits Distillery we aim to express “terroir” in our spirits, but not just in the conventional sense related to ingredients. We strive to reflect the rich community relationships that make a place unique. With this in mind, we teamed up with our Charlottesville neighbors Champion Brewing Company™ to distill this scrumptious spirit from their Violator Doppelbock beer and then aged in Ragged Branch Rye Bourbon barrels. The Germans call this beer-derived spirit bierschnaps, but in America “schnapps” has too much association with nasty sweet fruit or mint schnapps, so we decided to use the fanciful (yet descriptive) Barreled Champion Collab #1. Hopefully a #2 is coming down the line 😉




  • Age: 1+ year in barrel
  • Barrel Type: 25 gal. Ragged Branch 4 year Ryed Bourbon
  • Bottle Proof: 80 proof
  • Barrel Proof: 126.47 proof
  • Production: 163 bottles 750 ml on 24Oct18