Distiller’s Reserve Fruitiness

They say, “You shouldn’t compare apples and oranges.” We say, “Let’s just mix them!” Vitae Spirits™ Fruitiness is a fruitilicious blend of five-year old distilled hard apple cider and orange extract made from the zest of navel oranges and Virginia hardy oranges. We then let the blend mellow and merge in barrels for over two years before bottling. You’ve probably never had anything like this before!


  • Age: 5 year-old Vitae Spirits Apple brandy, 2.5 years in barrel with orange
  • Barrel Type: 25 gal. Ragged Branch 4 year wheated Bourbon
  • Bottle Proof: 80 proof
  • Barrel Proof: 107.73 proof
  • Production: 86 bottles @ 750 ml 21Apr21