Event: Introduction to Distilling 2-day Class 3/9 & 3/10

By Ian Glomski on February 21 2019

Distilling is many things; a hobby, a profession, subversive, traditional, practical, superfluous, but most of all…fun! In the course Introduction to Distilling by Vitae Spirits Distillery, we aim to introduce our students to both the lore and pragmatics of this ancient art through a two day workshop combining didactic and hands-on learning. The goal of the course is to provide students basic competency in discussing and appreciating the art of distillation; it is not meant to be a practical guide to starting your own distillery, though we’d be happy if it is your first step down that path.

Class limited to 6 people
Price $425

To download the preliminary syllabus, click here:


At the end of Day 1 students will be able to:
• Discuss the practical importance of alcohol production
• Identify the origins of spirit distillation
• Summarize the changes being created by the craft spirits producers on the broader alcohol market
• Outline the role local, state, and federal governments play for distilleries
• Recognize the characteristics that define spirits class and type
• Set up basic fermentations for beverage alcohol production
• Develop and apply techniques and vocabulary to evaluate spirits

At the end of Day 2 students will be able to:
• Explain the importance of chemistry at various stages of spirits production
• Discuss the concepts behind the process of distilling
• Understand the physical limitations of purifying ethanol
• Identify components that distinguish different styles of stills
• Recognize and know how to minimize the dangers of distilling alcohol
• Set up and run a still
• Begin to differentiate between the heads, hearts, and tails
• Gauge and proof spirits

Students should bring to class:
• A method to take notes
• Comfortable clothes and shoes that can get dirty
• Lunch or cash to buy lunch
• Curiosity, enthusiasm, and a positive attitude

Approximate schedule
Day 1
10a – 11a: Intro & Context
11a – 12p: Fermentation & Chemistry
12p – 12:30p: Lunch Break
12:30p – 3p: Hands on- Set up a Fermentation
3p – 5p: Hands on- Spirits evaluation

Day 2
10a- 11a: The equipment
11a – 12p: The art of distillation
12p – 12:30p: Lunch Break
12:30p – 4p: Hands on- Distillation & gauging
4p – 4:30p: Finishing spirits
4:30p – 5p: Hands on- Blending Fractions