Barreled Champion Collab #1 Recipes

Chai This (Toddy)

Riff on Classic Cocktail by TJ Drake

Difficulty Level: Easy+

This cocktail is a perfect way to use our Barreled Collab #1. This classic whiskey cocktail is a fun holiday riff on a tradition hot toddy. The Chai spices bring this already wintery cocktail up to holiday perfection. Enjoy!


1 1/2 oz. Vitae Spirits Barreled Champion Collab #1

 1 oz Chai and Honey Simple (see below)

1/2 oz Lemon

Fill serving mug with water

Garnish with lemon peel


Chai and Honey Simple

Add 2 cups water and 3 Chai tea bags to a pot and bring to a boil. Turn off heat and stir in 1 cup honey till dissolved. Bring to boil again, take off heat and let cool to room temp. Store in mason jar.


  1. In a tempered mug
  2. pour spirit, lemon, and simple
  3. add hot water to fill mug
  4. garnish with lemon peel