anisette bottle


Anisette is predominantly flavored by the “licorice”-flavored essential oil anethole elaborated from anise seed. Vitae Spirits™ Anisette is reminiscent of European anisettes that have a relatively high alcohol content with less sugar, which allows the herbal qualities to shine. With a slight touch of citrus our Anisette carries a brightness that lingers on the palate.  Just close your eyes, taste, and envision basking in the sunshine at a café along the Mediterranean.

Tasting Notes & Best Uses

Enjoy our Anisette by pouring it over ice and then slowly adding water to taste, yielding a palate cleansing aperitif. Anisettes are used in many classic cocktails and can substitute for absinthe, pastis, or ouzo. Examples of tasty anisette cocktails include the Sazerac, General Lee, Baltimore Bracer, or Café de Paris.

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VA ABC code #85336

Available for purchase at the distillery, at some Virginia ABC stores, Spirit Hub in Illinois, New Hampshire, Nebraska and North Dakota, Page Spring Cellars in Arizona, and by request at your local Virginia ABC store.



Wine Enthusiast April 2020: 88 Points