Coffee bottle

Coffee Liqueur

Vitae Spirits® Coffee Liqueur is an inspired collaboration with local award-winning Mudhouse Coffee Roasters®. These folks are real pros, traveling the world in search of the best coffee beans while continually honing their roast craft in our home town of Charlottesville, Virginia. Starting with a special roast of Mudhouse’s Intention Blend, we cold brew and blend the coffee with our house-made sugar cane spirits under a blanket of argon gas to minimize exposure to air to preserve freshness.



Tasting Notes & Best Uses

With notes of chocolate, soft stone fruit like plum and cherry , and caramel, our Coffee Liqueur is perfect straight or in cocktails such as Black or White Russians, Bushwackers, or even the oh so decadent Mudslide.

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VA ABC code #78035

Available for purchase at the distillery, at some Virginia ABC stores, Spirit Hub in Illinois, New Hampshire, Nebraska, and North Dakota, Page Spring Cellars in Arizona, and by request at your local Virginia ABC store.