Distiller’s Reserve Damson Gin Liqueur


The United Kingdom has a long tradition of infusing gin with ripe fruit at the end of the summer, adding a bit of sweetness, and then enjoying it as the weather begins to cool. In Vitae Spirits® Damson, we have captured the essence of Virginia’s classic damson plum at its peak of ripeness by infusing the fruit into our Modern Gin using age-old methods typically used to produce sloe gin, but now with a Virginian twist!

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  • Age: Damson plums steeped in gin 2 months
  • Flavoring: ripe damson plums from Dickie Bros. Orchard, Vitae Spirits Modern Gin
  • Sweetener: 3.5% cane sugar
  • Bottle Proof: 60 proof
  • Production: 408  bottles 750 ml

Available from the distillery only

VA ABC item #954432

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