Distiller’s Reserve Old Tom Gin

Old Tom gin in the pre-prohibition era was in many way considered the standard gin; a bit sweeter than London Dry gin, and perhaps a little less juniper berry forward. As with many spirits, prohibition decimated Old Tom style gin’s popularity until the craft cocktail renaissance revitalized interest in classic cocktails. Vitae Spirits® Distillery’s Distiller’s Reserve Old Tom Gin is a small batch limited-release golden gin finished in bourbon barrels from our neighbors Ragged Branch Distillery, giving it a touch more sweetness and resinous spiciness than your run of the mill gin.


  • Age: 6+ months in barrel
  • Barrel Type: 25 gal. Ragged Branch 4 year Ryed Bourbon
  • Bottle Proof: 80 proof
  • Barrel Proof: 120.04 proof
  • Production: 146 bottles @ 750 ml 8July18

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Available at the distillery, Big Fish, and as a special order item at the Virginia ABC

VA ABC item #954149