GoldenRum bottle

Golden Rum

Vitae Spirits’ Golden Rum is formulated with the word “rich” as our paradigm. Golden Rum starts as a simple fermentation consisting primarily of water from the slopes of the Blue Ridge Mountains, American sugar cane molasses, and yeast. To the distillate we add fresh sugar cane grilled on house made charcoal in collaboration with our neighbors Ace Biscuit & Barbeque, a bit of molasses, and oak to round the body and produce its enchanting color. Golden Rum envelopes you in warmth that is as emotive and inspiring as gold.


Tasting Notes & Best Uses

The robust character of Golden Rum makes it particularly well suited for deep and intense cocktails where a lesser rum would be lost in the crowd. Some of our favorite cocktails using Golden Rum are: Hot Buttered Rum, Dark and Stormy, Hurricane, Mai Tai, and many other Tiki bar specials. Note that to minimize adulteration of the purity of the grilled sugar cane and molasses we minimally filter this product. Some sediments should be expected.

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VA ABC code #46952

Available at the distillery, Spirit Hub, Page Spring Cellars in Arizona, and Madidus Importers, and all Virginia ABC stores.


Drink Magazine by Virginia Living Reader’s Poll Best Specialty Spirit

San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2017- Bronze medal

Virginia Living Magazine Made In Virginia Award 2016

American Distilling Institute Judging 2017- Bronze Medal (flavored rum)