Orange bottle

Orange Liqueur

Citrus originated in Southeast Asia but can now be found all over the world. In Virginia the bitter hardy (trifoliate) orange grows prolifically yet its fruit is rarely eaten because of its bitter and sour juice. It seemed a shame to ignore such beautiful fruit when tasty spirits can be made with them! Our Orange liqueur (a.k.a. Triple Sec) is made from hardy orange zest collected from trees around Charlottesville, sweet oranges, and a touch of spices to add balance and complexity. Opening a bottle is a burst of sunshine to the nose.

Tasting Notes & Best Uses

Vitae Spirits™’ Orange liqueur is perfect neat, but adds a brightness to mixed drinks that lifts the cocktail’s primary spirits to new heights. Try Orange liqueur wherever Triple Sec is called for in a recipe, like in the Cosmopolitan, Side Car, Mai Tai, or Margarita.

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VA ABC code #86598

Available at the distillery, Spirit Hub, Page Spring Cellars in Arizona, Madidus Importers, and many Virginia ABC stores.