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Platinum Rum

To quote our culinary guru James Beard, “Of all the spirits in your home, rum is the most romantic.” Rum, the original spirit of choice of the American colonies, was Paul Revere’s warming tipple on his historic ride one early spring night in 1775. Rum has been the Kill Devil of Caribbean buccaneers, the fuel of our founding fathers’ enlightenment, and the soul of exotic lands, yet it is so simple. Three primary ingredients go into our Platinum Rum, water from the slopes of the Blue Ridge Mountains, American sugar cane molasses, and yeast. From that base we distill a crystal clear spirit we feel is so singular that we invoke the noble tarnish-proof metal platinum for its name.

Tasting Notes & Best Uses

Vitae Spirits’ Platinum Rum is the pure unadulterated essence of an American sugar cane molasses, ripe with creamy caramel and candied vanilla notes. We think the best uses of Platinum Rum are in cocktails that elevate these sugar cane flavors, perhaps best of all is the simple classic Daiquiri, but the Mojito, Cuba Libre, and Pain Killer are tough to forget.

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VA ABC code #46949

Available at the distillery, Spirit Hub, Page Spring Cellars in Arizona, and Madidus Importers, and many Virginia ABC stores.


Drink Magazine by Virginia Living Reader’s Poll Best Rum

The Fifty Best 2019- Silver Medal


San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2017- Bronze medal


Virginia Living Magazine Made In Virginia Award 2016


Washington’s Cup Spirits Competition 2016- Bronze medal


American Distilling Institute Judging 2017- Bronze Medal (unaged rum)