Champion Brewing Collab #1 Recipes

Sweet Potato Nothings

by Kerrie Pierce

Difficulty Level: Advanced

This cocktail will take you back to Grandma’s house for Thanksgiving! Sweet potato casserole is always a family favorite and who says you cant make it a cocktail!


1 oz. Vitae Spirits Collab #1

1/2 oz Vitae Spirits Orange Liqueur

1 oz Sweet potato cordial (see below)

1/2 oz lemon juice

1/2 oz egg white

garnish with baby marshmallow


Sweet Potato Cordial

2 cups water

1 cup of raw sugar

2 cinnamon sticks

2 inch chunk of ginger, peeled and sliced

1 tsp green cardamom pods

2 black cardamom pods

1 tsp of tumeric powder

1/4 tsp of whole cloves

medium sized sweet potato

few tablespoons of water

few tablespoons of blanc vermouth

combine water and sugar in a pan over medium heat, when sugar dissolves and right as syrup starts to boil, add the spices, stir thoroughly, cover and let steep until cool.  At the same time roast a sweet potato in the oven or cook in the microwave until soft and tender. Peel the potato, and add in chunks to a blender, add the water and vermouth and puree until smooth.  Strain the spices from the syrup, add the pureed sweet potato and whisk until thoroughly blended. Put in a jar or bottle and keep refrigerated.


  1. Combine ingredients into shaker with ice
  2. shake and pour into coupe glass
  3. garnish with baby marshmallow

Right Back Matcha

 by Kerrie Pierce

Difficulty Level: Easy+

This cocktail is a delicious blend of malt character, orange, and pineapple. This fruity cocktail is perfect for spring! Matcha powder adds a slight bitter note to balance out the sweetness of the juices as well as gives this cocktail a vibrant green color. A beautiful presentation for you next spring fling!


1 oz. Vitae Spirits Collab #1

0.5 oz Orange Liqueur

1/2 tsp.  Matcha Green Tea Powder

1.5 oz Pineapple Juice

0.5 oz Maple Syrup

0.5 oz Lemon

Garnish with dried Pineapple slice


1.Combine ingredients in shaker tin with ice

2. Shake

3. Pour into Martini glass

4. Garnish with Dried Pineapple

Collab Cafe

 by Kerrie Pierce

Difficulty Level: Easy+

This cocktail is a delicious blend of coffee, malt, and vanilla flavors. Combined for a loose take on a White Russian, this is a perfect cocktail for a cold winter day.


1 oz. Vitae Spirits Collab #1

0.5 oz. Vitae Spirits Orange Liqueur

0.5 oz. Coffee-Vanilla Syrup

2 oz Whole Milk


Coffee-Vanilla Syrup

1 cup cold brew coffee
1 cup sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
Combine in sauce pan, stir over medium high heat until the sugar dissolves and syrup starts to come to a boil, turn off heat, stir in vanilla extract. Bottle and store in the refrigerator.


1. Combine all ingredients in a shaker with ice.

2. Shake vigorously until and pour in a coup glass

3. Garnish with powdered Cinnamon.

Ghost Sour

Classic cocktail modified by TJ Drake

Difficulty Level: Easy+

This is a well balanced take on a traditional whiskey sour with egg whites. Frothy, rich, creamy, and sour, topped off with delicious orange bitters.


1.5 oz. Vitae Spirits Collab #1

0.5 oz. Vanilla bean Simple

0.5 oz. Egg white

1 oz Sour Mix

4 dashes of Orange Bitters


Vanilla Bean Syrup

Bring 1/2 cup sugar, 1 cup water to a boil and then simmer in a covered pot . Turn off heat and add 1/4 of a vanilla bean. Let cool and store in refrigerator with the vanilla bean in the syrup for up to one month.
Sour Mix
1/2 Lemon Juice
1/2 Orange Juice


1. Combine all ingredients except egg white in a shaker with ice.

2. Shake vigorously and pour into a dry shaker

3. Add egg white, Shake with agitator

4. Pour into coupe glass

5. Add bitters to foam

Coco-Orange Fashioned

 by Kerrie Pierce

Difficulty Level: Easy

This cocktail is a delicious blend of coffee, malt, and orange. This take on a classic old fashioned is an exciting way to highlight the smooth finish on our white whiskey.


1.5 oz. Vitae Spirits Collab #1

1 tsp. of Orange Marmalade

3-4 dashes of Chocolate bitters


1. Add Marmalade and bitters to rocks glass.

2. Add one large Ice cube to glass

3. Add Whiskey and stir.

4. Garnish with rum soaked cherry